How I used BASB to meet my mentor 👨🏼‍🏫

Inspired by Louis Theroux BBC Podcast Grounded , where he tracks down high profile people he has been longing to talk to, I decided also that COVID is this rare opportunity to reach experts who have more time on their hands then normal. 

Bill Stimson is the first person I reached out to in late September 2020 to join his dream group online. Following the dream group I asked to interview him and in a very Bill fashion he flipped the script and wanted to interview me!

What eventuated was a co-dialogue around our passions Buddhism, Creativity and Group Processes. I found in him a mentor and he finds me in a potential leader of the Ullman technique.

Click here for view our original interview/dialogue.

Using all aspects of my: Second Brain:

  • Prog Sum(anyone want to start a metal band?).
  • 12 favourite questions.
  • Remixing.
  • Connecting over consumption.


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