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Season Two

The sit stop is a daily online contemplative practice accountability group. Bring yourself and the practice you wish to do. Come as you feel, a once off, a couple of times a week or daily, for the whole session of just 5 minutes. If you are establishing your contemplative practice I suggest meditation, there are further instructions details below.


  1. Bells rung to begin at 6:00am with a suggested movement practice.
  2. Bells rung at 6:30am to move to a suggested stillness practice finishing with bells rung at 7:15am.


Hosted by Max Milne and friends.

During COVID-19 I wanted for people to have the continuity of a daily place to show up to during lockdown in Melbourne. A daily place that was welcoming and loving. To cultivate friendship.

During this first experimental season one we sat every weekday from the 14th of March for 12 weeks. From then we met every Friday until Season One ended on 23rd of October. It is an ongoing co-created experiment based upon the firm foundations of friendship as the path.

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