Scrawly Beauty ✍️

Scrawly Beauty – Harvest
Season One: 16/11 – 7/12 2020

What: A formalised informal poetry group. It is a diary entry to what is happening in my life and where we get to share and be seen by others.

How/why: We start with a haiku warm up round followed by prompts provided by the leader of the night. We share whatever parts of writing we wish for the sheer join of being seen and supporting each others expressions. No critique club here, a fun after school vibe.

Who: Limited to 6 people so we all get a go to sharing. Invite only.

Where: Online

When: Mondays 5pm-6:30pm Melbourne time

Why: To cultivate our creative capacity through small fun steps, to develop confidence in sharing with others and to learn skills to witness others.

How much: During Season 1 free. After that TBC.

Getting online:

We use 8×8 meet video conference in app. No login, no registering or app download needed. Just a web browse. Bring your head phones!

Co-created and facilitated by Max and Flynn