Ullman Dream Group 🌙

In development.
BETA Group Planned first 1/4 2021

The Ullman Technique is an Co-Created Dream Process consisting of a succession of very different stages that serve to develop insight and knowledge into a dream for a dreamer. Guided by open-questions and a non-interpretive approach. All the processes are to help open up the dream for the dreamers benefit. The group has no other agenda. Only the dreamer can know what their dream means.

A co-created interview between Bill Stimson and I

Bill Stimson – 20+ year facilitator and teacher of the Ullman Dream Technique in USA and Taiwan. Currently teaching at National Chi Nan University, Taiwan.

Dreams – you all have them and produce them freely – every night!

Inspired by Louis Theroux BBC Podcast Grounded, where he tracks down high profile people he has been longing to talk to, I decided also that COVID is this rare opportunity to reach experts who have more time on their hands then normal. Bill Stimson is the first person I reached out to in late September 2020 to join his dream group online and with the hope to interview him. Following the dream group I asked to interview him and in a very Bill fashion he flipped the script and turned it into a dialogue.

What arose is our histories of bringing together Buddhism, Creativity and Group Processes. I found in him a mentor and he finds me in a potential leader of the Ullman technique.

Key moments: