Ullman Dream Group 🌙

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The Ullman Technique is an Co-Created Dream Process consisting of a succession of very different stages that serve to develop insight and knowledge into a dream for a dreamer. Guided by open-questions and a non-interpretive approach. All the processes are to help open up the dream for the dreamers benefit. The group has no other agenda. Only the dreamer can know what their dream means.

The Ullman Dream Technique was created by Psychiatrist Montague Ullman in the 1970s as a way of inquiring into a dreams. He wanted a new way of working with dreams outside of analytical processes where answers were contained in a book. The Ullman technique is facilitated via an intentional and clear structure that creates a safe space for the dreamer and group as a whole. The groups disposition is to help companion the dreamer towards insight to their own dream, rather than to tell what their own dream means.